Feminism has become yet another social engineering tool for dividing society, Women against Men, vice versa. So while anyone who has some understanding disagrees with the Feminazi agenda, we shouldn’t violently swing the other direction and buy into that agenda by blaming one sex or the other.
Some people who rant against Feminism, have attitudes that help perpetuate the Feminazi’s desired divisions in society. You want women to be pigeonholed into a Biblical box of subservience under the MAN. To serve him and let him run things while women dutifully keep to the prescribed “women’s duties.” This is partly what caused the problem between the sexes in the first place.

Should women go back to not owning property or not being allowed to vote? Should we only let men train with weapons while we stay in the background?
What about the Celtic Traditions, Women Warriors who fought alongside their men? What about the Biblical woman, Yael, who put a spike through the head of the man who led the Canaanite army against her people.  In the same book, Deborah was a Judge in Israel who received revelations from God to guide her people in battle?

Yael Killing Sisera, by Palma the Younger

The world really isn’t so black and white as people would like to have it so they can feel in Control of it. That’s the sickness of Power Mongering.

I can tell you, if my ancestresses weren’t so tough-minded, adroit with weapons and had an unyielding attitude of self-reliance alongside their husbands, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this today. This notion that women are supposed to be painted up, always smooth-skinned, perfectly coiffed, hourglass-figured, never doing work outside a certain spectrum of what “women were born to do” is yet another modus operandi of attempted tyranny or just plain ignorance. That is a Modern False Feminine Paradigm. It’s yet another of those False Cultural Constructs manufactured to keep one half of humanity from developing and using their full potential.
Yes, women bear children and are the heart of the home. That’s lovely. Men are the main breadwinners. Wonderful. BioLOGICally Logical. Now think of all the women you know who are smart. They can do things, like my ancestresses use to do things. Do you think God would have women suppress the Talents they were born with and that their Souls nag at them to express?
In a corporation, an employee who has diversified his or her skill set along with an in depth specialty is the most valuable. Do you want women to be so singularly-skilled in the False Feminine Paradigm as they help a man to raise a family in this world? Like a Stepford Wife, only less complex.

Yes, stop the Feminazi attempts to Co-opt what other Women can truly be and should be but Don’t try to put the Genie back in the bottle. She knows in her heart she was meant to soar with you. Celebrate her and encourage her and she will do the same for you.


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