By Connor Giampietri Apr. 15, 2015

MEDFORD, Ore. —  The controversy continues in Josephine County over mining property. The B.L.M. claims the land is out of compliance, but mine owners say they’ve owned the land for years and have been grandfathered in.

Newswatch 12’s Ashley Hall sat down with one of the owners of the mine to talk about the issue, and what he wants to see done about it.


Now look at this story about huge amounts of gold being discovered in Oregon’s Josephine County Galice Mining District since only a few months ago. This includes a big “pocket gold strike” in the “Reuben area” of GMD.…

Now the BLM is descending on the area and trying to take the mines, although the mines have been in continual operation since the mid 1800’s. Oath Keepers and Militia are gathering to defend the Mine Owners Constitutional right to due process as the BLM has ordered the Owners of the Mines to fill them in and tear down their operation by the 25th April 2015.

The newly appointed (5 January 2015) Sheriff of Josephine County, Dave Daniel, sent Deputies with BLM representatives to deliver the cease and desist order, although attorneys for the Miners have filed documents with the Court to contest the BLM attempts to confiscate the mines. The Court is set to decide the issue six months from now but the BLM is pushing to shut down the mining operation, get the Miners out and stake their claim NOW.

What a coincidence. The BLM is anxious to take over the Mine right after a huge Strike was made in recent months. Also interesting is the appointment of a new, apparently UNConstitutional Sheriff for Josephine county just 3 years after the County Sheriff’s Office had been disbanded due to budget cuts. In other words, there has been NO Sheriff or Sheriff’s Office operating in Josephine County since 2012 until just after the Gold Strike was made.


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